YJT Introduction PDF

Major Maintenance

Alpha lubricator service

  • TBO(Time Base Maintenance) service
  • Troubleshooting service
  • Condition base feed rate adjusting service
  • Up-grade service (Low steaming modification)

Pneumatic maintenance service

  • TBO(Time Base Maintenance) service – Dry dock.
  • Operating / Performance inspection service
  • Detail work scope, Please see the below
    – All valves overhaul and inspection
    – Overhaul valves will be repair by repair kits
    – All valves test and assembled by each one
    – System simulation test

Electric M/E Maintenance service (ME-C / ME-B / G type)

  • TBO(Time Base Maintenance) service
    – Dry dock
    – Replace membrane kit for accumulator
    – Leakage test for hydraulic system
    – Check and function for tacho sys./H.C.U/H.P.S
    – Function test and check for pneumatic sys & solenoid valves
    – Overhaul for fuel booster unit/exhaust actuator/pneumatic system
    – Overhaul for lubricator unit
    – Confirm trial